The amercan giant has just announced that they have 1 billion active users.

This is truly amazing, the numbers include all models from the first iPhone which came out in 2008.

Based on the statistics prepared by Above Avalon, we have a good view on the history of this device.

The pace of growth in the iPhone installed base has slowed due to high smartphone penetration, Avalon stated that. In the past three years, there are also fewer new users to iPhone and in 2020 expectations are 80% to be upgrades of an older iPhone and only one of every five phones to be in the hands of a new user.

While sales has dipped twice (first after the holiday period in 2015, second after the holiday season in 2018), estimates are that Apple will manage to reach nearly 250 million sales in Q4 2021.

As you can see the company had some problems in the past, but they still sell a lot of great devices, thanks to amazing products they create.

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