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Thread: Any inside scoop on CDMA retirement status?

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    Some people are curious as to whether they have to ditch their 3G, 4G or 4GLTE phones for another type of phone. Can someone answer this?
    3G phone? Yeah it won't work eventually.

    4G LTE phone? I had a Stratosphere (Android 2.3) and Stratosphere II later on (Android 4.x); in general if the phone has 4G but that old an Android version then no VoLTE (both because the Android versions don't support it and because those oldest chipsets don't support it.) Even some Galaxy S4s got VoLTE support. The phone has to be quite elderly to not support VoLTE, you've probably been using it for years. Easy way to tell? On the Verizon-branded ones at least, up by the top of the settings where the wifi, bluetooth, cellular, etc. settings are there'll be a "Advanced calling" or "HD Voice" menu (Verizon used both terms to refer to VoLTE.) Or if it's on a line, go to the web site, they have HD Voice on there as a $0 option to add to lines, if it says it's incompatible, it's incompatible. Also, as far as I know if you still had one of these phones on a line, Verizon would certainly have texted, mailed, or called by now to specifically let you know this phone will need to be switched soon.

    I wonder if the CDMA roaming will go away at the same time. Not worrying about it or anything, if I force my phone to LTE only, the few spots I've lost LTE, I can set it back to "global mode" and there's no 3G or 1x to pick up either (... I've gotten 1x a few spots, but too weak for a call or text to actually go through, a hair more signal where the 1x "works" and it's back to where LTE also works if it's forced to LTE.) In the past, the AMPS-based billing (AMPS, TDMA, CDMA 1x) and authentication, and the GSM-side (GSM, UMTS, LTE) billing and authentication were basically two totally seperate systems, I imagine you'd have to leave some of that running for roaming to work. Plus, that "CDMAless" coverage map looks pretty good, Verizon's normal roaming is mostly LTE, but the traditional CDMA roaming partners; the "CDMAless" map actually increases the coverage a bit by throwing some formerly-GSM roaming partners into the mix.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jameny5 View Post
    Is that an official statement from Verizon? Or did you carefully craft this yourself? Oh and P.S. Verizon is planning on shutting down CDMA. I don't know where you have been in the last two to fours years! Like they say - Google it... Nothing personal. I'm just staying the facts.
    Who are you talking too? try using quotes. Your post is after mine So hopefully not to me because it make zero sense if so.

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