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Thread: Target - Buy 1 get 1 20% off prepaid airtime cards

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    Target - Buy 1 get 1 20% off prepaid airtime cards

    This is the best atm for prepaid plans with AT&T as it gives you 10% of each airtime card and since I got a Target Red card just for these purchases an additional 5% off.

    At present I use two lines each with the 2GB highspeed data because of lockdown that reduces the price for 2 phones with autopay and multiline discount from $50 to $42.75 or $21.40 per phone. I believe the deal expires Nov 28 and since I set and alert at got a notification as soon as it was available. No hunting just notification ASAP and saving coin. These Target deals arrive perhaps every 3 to 4 months. Tanked up until next May.

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    Yup... With Red Card added $100 to my account for $82.50. Pretty hard to go wrong with cards at Target with a Red Card, better than CallingMart anytime.

    And just an FYI in case people don't know, a Red Card comes in two varieties, a regular credit card, and a debit card that is linked to your regular checking/savings account... You get the 5% discount even when using the debit card. I only mention this because so many people hear "Red Card"and just immediately assume it's another credit card, but it can also be just a basic debit card too.

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