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Thread: Total Wireless Referral Code - 8000 Reward Points worth $80!

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    Total Wireless - Verizon's network but at a reasonable price.

    Not long ago, I switched a few lines over to Total Wireless using their website.
    Four lines, 100GB shared, $95 with auto-refill.
    I bought the SIM cards from Amazon.
    I used the Total Wireless website to activate the SIM cards and create my new account.
    My phone numbers ported in to Total Wireless in less than 10 minutes.
    It went surprisingly well!

    Afterwards I created a Total Wireless Rewards account and used my friend's referral code.
    We both received reward points that can be used towards account refills.

    If you switch to Total Wireless, here is my referral code in case you are interested in doing the same. Thank you!


    1. Switch to Total Wireless by activating your phone(s) and creating a Total Wireless account.
    2. Within 14 days create a Total Wireless Rewards account.
    3. Immediately afterwards, input my referral code into your rewards account.
    4. You will immediately receive 8000 reward points worth $80! In 60 days you’ll be able to use them towards refilling your Total Wireless account.
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