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    2016 iPhone SE in 2021

    Hoping that someone could speak about the bands supported by an original SE, with today's carriers.

    I'm using an SE (purchased early 2018) with T-Mobile. I believe this isn't ideal because the SE doesn't support 600MHz. I'm hoping to update to a 12 or maybe 2020 SE soon, just wondering how useful the old SE would still be?

    Pretending Sprint is out of the picture now, that leaves Verizon and AT&T. Do the bands supported by the old SE still match up pretty well to these two?

    I have a hard time parting with my old tech items, was trying to decide if trading it in made sense. (value is all over the place for it: low of $30, maybe $70 if I try to sell it myself, or TMO might give $380 trade-in on it toward 12 Mini) If it still works well/OK with VZW or AT&T, I might hang onto it and put a cheap Red Pocket or similar SIM in it.

    [Can't believe I still come to this forum occasionally, my account must be over ten years old.]

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    Doesn't have B14 on ATT but otherwise should still be fine. VoLTE. Wi-Fi calling. Likely last year of OS updates (other than if Apple does special updates like they still do for the iPhone 6).

    There is always new bands being added. Some are more for capacity/speed, and some for coverage. Coverage to me seems more important, which is where B71 and B14 matter.
    iPhone 12 Pro is my current primary phone. Now using both eSIM and nano SIM. And also have a Galaxy a10e as a backup travel phone.

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