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Thread: T-Mobile plans to shut down legacy Sprint CDMA network on 1/1/2022

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    T-Mobile plans to shut down legacy Sprint CDMA network on 1/1/2022

    I think you can not connect old CDMA phone to existing legacy Sprint account anyway, but try avoid old CDMA phones while connecting to former Sprint MVNOs and Boost Mobile

    The text (I ran OCR on the image)

    Dear Valued Business Customer,

    Sprint and T-Mobile came together as one company In April 2020 to create the New T-Mobile, a supercharged Uncarrier that will deliver a transformative 5G network. That promise is fast becoming reality. T-Mobile is in the
    process of combining the legacy Sprint and T-Mobile networks to create a nationwide network poised to bring 5G
    to consumers and businesses alike in both urban areas and underserved rural communities. This combination
    promises to deliver more bandwidth than ever before.
    As part of this effort, T-Mobile intends to shut down the Sprint CDMA Network on or around January 1, 2022 to
    allow customers to take advantage of the speed, capacity, and capabilities available on the new T-Mobile Network.
    The Sprint CDMA Network will not be available after that date. Between now and the time that the Sprint CDMA
    Network is fully decommissioned, capacity and coverage of the Sprint CDMA Network is expected to change.
    What this means for you:
    • CDMA-Only Devices or dual mode CDMA/LTE devices that do not support Voice over LTE (VoLTE): These
    devices will be impacted. If you have a CDMA-only capable device (handsets, loT/M2M, tablets and air
    cards), or a device that does not support VoLTE you will need to upgrade or replace your equipment,
    where technically possible.
    • Data only CDMA/LTE-capable Devices and data only Single-Mode LTE Devices: For data-only CDMA/LTE capable
    devices, LTE data service will continue to function if LTE is enabled in the device settings. For
    data-only Single-Mode LTE devices, LTE data service will continue to function as well while that network
    remains operational.
    • VoLTE-capable CDMA/LTE-capable Devices: These devices will lose CDMA capability, but LTE data
    service will continue to function if LTE is enabled in the device settings and VoLTE is enabled.
    • CDMA-only devices, or devices that cannot support VoLTE will not be supported for activation after
    January 1, 2021. If you have a Sprint in-building coverage solution, e.g., distributed antenna system
    ("IBS/CNS"), it will also cease operating on or about January 1, 2022.
    • For contracts with month-to-month or other renewal options for Sprint Network services, this letter
    constitutes formal notice that Sprint does not consent to any renewals or extensions for CDMA services
    that go beyond January 1, 2021 - including in-building IBS/CNS agreements.

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    There is no need to keep this thread open as the change from Sprint to T-mobile started almost 8 months ago. This thread is now closed but will remain for archival purposes.
    Just another day in paradise.....

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