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Thread: MINT : anyone use more than one 7--day trial sim on same phone ?

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    MINT : anyone use more than one 7--day trial sim on same phone ?

    Hi all,

    I have a couple of the 7 day trial sims , has anyone used them back to back on the same phone ?

    Just wondering if Mint remembers your IMEI and will not let you activate the 2nd trial sim.

    thanks for your thoughts
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    does mint ask for the IMEI during activation ? if not i would guess you are probably fine, if they do and tie it somehow the probable workaround if you are like some of us with a bunch of old phones would be to never initially activate on the phone you plan to keep it in, but rather always provide IMEI from a different phone than the one you plan to use and have the phone you use always be the one you swap too.

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    Used about 20 on one phone. I don't recall them taking the imei.

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    They sometimes ask the IMEI but just to help you see if the phone is compatible. They don't seem to care if you use the 7-day trials in the same phone as far as I can tell.

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