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Thread: Verizon Home Network Connection Issues Causing Me to Drink

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    Verizon Home Network Connection Issues Causing Me to Drink

    I have a Verizon account / sim that has unlimited data - it is a grandfathered account.

    I live about 5 miles from a couple of towers. I have an external antenna on the roof for better reception.

    The ##%## issue is the constant drops / blocks / not sure what / with the service. I have both a Pepwave and a MOFI router and have the same issues so I "believe" it is not the hardware.

    I connect just fine. Pepwave currently shows 5 bar connectivity to Channel 13. Initially I will get great speeds. Then I will start to get ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT on sites. If I hit refresh, they will reload. Sometimes I have to hit refresh 3 to 10 times depending on how pissed I am. During the time I can not connect with my browser I can still ping google / amazon etc.

    Perfect example of this insanity is today I was downloading a video from YT I wanted to watch later. Started downloading great. It was a 190 meg file. Tried it a couple of times and would fail due to network connection somewhere between 70% and 90%.

    One last clue - yesterday I was continually having this issue so I finally just shut the router off and connected via my phone from my basement. Also Verizon, but different plan. It was clearly not as fast but I realized in the 2 hours I was using that connection I never had a single drop or ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT on any site. So now I am thinking maybe it's because of the grandfathered account??

    Sorry for the long rant but would really appreciate any and all advice on how to resolve. Because of where I live it is the only choice we have for internet and I run a business out of the home.

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    First question, what phone or hotspot device are you using ?? Manufacturer and model #, please. Impossible to offer advice without more information.
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