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Thread: Swapping SIM

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    Swapping SIM

    Does temporarily swapping the SIM in your iPhone that is tied to the Cellular Watch plan cause issues?

    Such as if you were on vacation. Thanks, Kevin
    iPhone 12 Pro is my current phone I carry.

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    I don't know the answer to your question, but if you have a cellular watch on Verizon, maybe you can answer mine.

    When you add an Apple Watch cellular line to your Verizon account for $10, do you also have to pay the $5 worth of administrative, universal, 911, etc. fees for that line just like a cellphone?

    I thought the answer would be simple. Everything I've read on the internet says yes you do have fees. I did a chat twice on Verizon's website and both times the chat csr adamently said "no fees other than the $10". The Best Buy cellphone salesperson also said "no fees".


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