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Thread: Searching for a keitai

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    Searching for a keitai

    Hello everyone,

    First things first, sorry if my english is a bit bad, i'm not native.

    I'm wanting to get a keitai, especially for the battery size, and because I don't use everything a smartphone is allowing me to (games, rooting, etc.), I feel like it is a waste.

    Main things I want to find in a keitai are :

    -must work with 4G ;
    -must have an internet browser (seems obvious, but...] ;
    -must have an android interface, so I can use messenger, instagram, and those kind of things (it is for my job, so I'm in the obligation to have them, and I don't want a backup-phone just for these)
    -must have an at least ok-ish camera ;
    -must be unlocked, or easy to unlock ;
    -must allow me to listen to music with jack/bluetooth.

    I know I'm asking for a lot, but I can't find any guides that are recent enough to be reliable.
    Oh, and I live in France, and travel a lot in Germany if these are issues.

    Thanks a lot for your help

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    Look into the Samsung A series of cellular phones. Since you need it unlocked, buy it from an electronics reseller or from Samsung directly and make certain that you buy the unlocked version. Confirm it supports the correct cellular frequencies for where and who you plan to use it with. You haven't confirmed your budget. There are other brands/manufacturers that you will have access to. I hope that helps point you in the right direction.
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    Thanks a lot for your answer!

    I forgot to mention I wanted a flip phone, if that does change anything.

    I was thinking of putting 250 euros, 300 being a maximum, since it's the price I put in my smartphone normally.

    I can't find the samsung a series, do you have any indication where I can find that?

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