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Thread: how many active devices should someone have?

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    how many active devices should someone have?

    Or, "could"? How many active and operational cellular phones could or should someone have? Normally this seems to be just 1 for any person, but then I think about the occasional problems with personal computers, and that sometimes one wants or needs a spare or extra or other computer just to get something done, until whatever remedy is needed for the other computer is found. Just as good, you may NEED a newer computer for whatever reasons but your current one still is in good working order. So you soon have two computers instead of just one computer.

    So I wonder how the idea or other ideas fit cellular telephones? How many active and working cellular telephones regardless of "smartphone" or basic flip phone, would people have? What are the different uses?

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    Before I retired I had two. One personal and the other company supplied. I suspect this is quite common.

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    I keep one as my main phone and a backup active on a PAYG plan on a different carrier. Since both accounts are SIM-based, the 2nd phone also acts as a backup for the main one in case it becomes damaged or is lost or stolen. As for phones, I have a crate full of them. I need to get rid of most of them but I tend to be a hoarder.
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    regular phone . old Gold plan and no data
    Data phone for internet

    iPad with Data , because cellular iPads have a GPS chip and it was cheap , Mint for 6 months was $35 ( 3 months+ 3 free months)

    and I will probably do another phone for GPS tracking on my trailer......

    but I probably have 20 old phones from Ring Plus days etc , I need to figure out how to make a security camera set-up with them.....
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