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Thread: How do towers still operate even without local power?

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    a line of intense, widespread, and fast-moving windstorms and sometimes thunderstorms that moves across a great distance and is characterized by damaging winds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skyhawk214 View Post
    I live in the Seattle area, and right now it's pitch black in my house with no power to a large majority of the Puget Sound, yet I am still able to type this post and submit it. How is that possible?

    How is the data backbone still operational? As texts and phone calls and obviously data go over the cellular network.

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    Wireless communications from AT&T have generators and/or battery backup as others have noted at the local cell site. The same goes for other parts of the network as well including their backend facilities, peering locations, data centers, etc.

    Batteries need to be replaced over time and generators require refueling.

    Any provider worth their weight will have hardened infrastructure and backup power. Usually AT&T does well in that regards for wireless.

    In Nashville, TN, a lot of AT&T customers went down after the damage to critical infrastructure. This should not have happened as infrastructure should have been hardened further and hopefully repairs will lead to additional upgrades to prevent this from happening in that location.

    I don’t know if AT&T also has their own power generation such as solar or other alternative electricity access to other electrical providers and/or transmission lines as well as their are lots of ways to keep the electricity flowing but the main method has been generators and/or battery backup to compensate for a loss of power by electrical utilities.

    I have not had any issues with power outages on AT&T. I believe the Firstnet program has been successful and has done a good job of hardening the infrastructure.
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