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Thread: Will the "GreatCall Lively Flip" phone work on RedPocket?

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    Will the "GreatCall Lively Flip" phone work on RedPocket?

    A Senior friend wants to get a REALLY SIMPLE phone, for Minimal usage.
    If I get the "GreatCall Lively Flip" phone, will it work on RedPocket Verizon?
    My understanding is that it is Not a "smart" phone. It's a Flip phone.
    Will that work, or Must we have a "smart" phone for RP?
    Any other reasons as to why that phone will or won't work?

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    I guess the question is whether the phone is white listed for Verizon MVNOs, or only for Greatcall. Hard to find any information about this phone other than greatcall is apparently a Verizon MVNO, and the phones are sold "unlocked".

    I bought a Verizon Prepaid Moto e4 a few years ago. Got it unlocked officially via Verizon. But was never able to us it on a Verizon MVNO, and it didn't include VoLTE on ATT. Hopefully someone can can tell you hands on results.
    iPhone 12 Pro is my current primary phone. No plans to upgrade plan to 5G.

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    My mom's old great call smart phone had the sim sealed into the phone.

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