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Thread: RedPocket: GSMA to GSMT?

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    RedPocket: GSMA to GSMT?


    I'm currently on a RP GSMA plan and it's set to expire in March. Is it possible to renew with a GSMT plan? If so any pointers? I know I need a new sim but any any other tips?



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    I would assume have all your account info, such as PIN and account number. It will be essentially a "port", so contact them via other phone or chat.

    I've switched a couple of times within an annual plan with mixed results. One time, just remainder of the month. The other time lost remainder of year. Probably could have escalated, but it was under $50 and I didn't feel like bothering.

    It was my fault anyway. RP is my "backup" line, and since I was moving my primary on another service from Verizon MVNO to ATT MVNO, I wanted to move my backup from ATT To Verizon. Not realizing I wasn't going out of state traveling the rest of the year anyway, so didn't need it on other carrier.
    iPhone 12 Pro is my current primary phone. No plans to upgrade plan to 5G.

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