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Thread: textnow 'earn credits' by watching video ads

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    textnow 'earn credits' by watching video ads

    i have been playing around with textnow on multiple devices. mostly i am very impressed especially with being able to use the app over the sprint network for free. lately i have taken some interest in the feature allowing to earn credits by watching short videos and have noticed some things.

    if the SIM on a sprint phone is activated the option disappears. maybe because the data cost of delivering the ads would be too much ? but if thats the case why not allow while on wifi ? as soon as the free plan is cancelled the option comes back, free plan can be reactivated at any time.

    if i sign into the app using the same account on multiple devices i can play ads simultaneously on all the devices meaning its possible to build up credit rather quickly by 'bingeing' and taping back and forth between devices.

    i can not find anyway to use the accumulated credit by by normal add ons but only for international calls or the 30 minutes of ad free. i used my bingeing technique to build up over $2.00 planning to buy a month of ad free lite before realizing its not possible. i was hoping to actually buy data plans using credit.

    i does seem after earning $0.50 the account is blocked for a certain amount of time from watching more ads, after a couple hours can watch more. assuming textnow earns money when we watch ads it is not clear why they would want to limit how many we watch or for that matter not allow us to spend on ad free options or data plans.

    i did not try adding an actual payment method and than see if the accumulated credit is used first before charging a credit card for add ons. if anyone has and could share experience i would be interested to hear about it.

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    In the past there have been similar apps that offered to pay for ads. I forget the names, it was a while ago. Honey, Perk etc

    Generally it degenerates quickly with people working on gaming the system to run all night, followed by the companies restricting earnings, or trying to defeat the so-called "cheaters", followed by people finding workarounds, etc etc

    Probably a wise strategy to enjoy it while it lasts but don't count on it long term.

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