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Thread: So, bought a phone directly from Tracfone

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    So, bought a phone directly from Tracfone

    I bought a Stylo 5 from TF in December. Only bought it cause it was cheap and needed a phone with a specific OS for my new drone. Used it a few times and then noticed that the screen has wavy lines on it. Not the glass, just the internal display. Spoke to someone 2 weeks ago (that was an experience) and she said they would send out a return label. Never got it. Chatted today (another experience), and guy gives me address to send it back to. I asked that it's up to me to pay return postage for a defective phone? Guy says 'yes'. F--- that. I bought 100 GME stocks when it was $12. It hit $400+. The phone is not that important.

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    The first Rep got it right. They should have emailed a return label to print, or a code to use at a place like the UPS store.

    I had to get a replacement back in Dec and they sent email with both, a label I could print and a code that could be scanned at a UPS Store.

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