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Thread: Assurance Wireless 3G

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    Assurance Wireless 3G

    Assurance Wireless 3G

    Assurance Wireless has replaced my UMX U683CL with a Wiko U307AS.
    The U307AS has a SIM that starts with 89012... therefore the old phone ran
    on Sprint (now deceased) and the new phone runs on T-Mobile.

    The U307AS is not running LTE ; the setup says UMTS and HSPD. It *does*
    work fine. Also, the account has grown ; the web page still says unlimited talk,
    unlimited text and 3G of data. The customer support said several times this is now 6GB.
    I asked for "hotspot" service last year and I'll see if I still have it.

    I could not activate the new phone on the web page and had to talk to the CS staff.

    Regards, FJ
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