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Thread: Anybody Activate Galaxy S20 / S21 (Verizon) BYOP on TracFone?

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    Anybody Activate Galaxy S20 / S21 (Verizon) BYOP on TracFone?

    I purchased a new (open box) Galaxy S20 5G (Verizon branded) off eBay 3 months ago. I tried to activate on TracFone, but then found out about Verizon 60 day lock policy. The S20 could not be activated on TF until it had been activated with Verizon for 60 days.

    I activated it with Verizon Prepaid for 65 days before deactivating it with Verizon Prepaid 2 weeks ago.

    I am still unable to activate it with TF using their Verizon Compatible SIM.

    Verizon confirms the S20 is deactivated and unlocked now, but there is still some restriction that nobody knows about. The S20 no longer works using the Verizon Prepaid SIM, so that an indication it is at least deactivated.

    TF suggested I try activating using a T-Mobile or AT&T Compatible TF SIM. I really don’t want to do that.

    Has anybody here been successful activating a 5G device using a Verizon Compatible TF SIM?

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    Maybe completely unrelated but I could not activate a Pixel 4a 5g on TF VZW either. I activated a different phone and then sim swapped (which has its own danger, see separate thread) but it worked for a little bit. I was told I could ask TF to update my IMEI after the fact.

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