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Thread: Any new restriction on VPN?

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    Any new restriction on VPN?

    To connect to a certain network, I need to use an L2TP / IPSec PSK VPN connection. I have been doing this for a year without a problem, on my Pixel 4.

    For the past few weeks, I have noticed that it no longer works on the Rogers LTE network. I don't want to yell that Rogers is responsible for my problems, but, strangely enough, I'm still able to use that VPN when I'm on a WiFi connection. So I did a test with a Bell SIM and it works too!

    I am also able to connect to a web site on the same physical server that run the VPN, so, it's not a routing issue or something like that.

    On the firewall in front of this VPN, there is no trace of this connection attempt.

    So... I don't want to say that Rogers is responsible, but...

    Is it possible that Rogers starts blocking certain VPN protocols?

    I use the default APN (ltemobile.apn) and I connect from Montréal.


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    I've never experienced any VPN blocking and I'm pretty sure they don't do it...

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