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Thread: Total Wireless: Going From 4 Lines Of Service To 3 Lines Of Service

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    Total Wireless: Going From 4 Lines Of Service To 3 Lines Of Service

    For the past several years, I have had four lines of service with Total Wireless. A week ago, my oldest son, who is a paramedic, ported one of the lines to FirstNet. Yesterday, I noticed I was still being billed for 4 lines of service. Last night I contacted Total Wireless and what a hassle simply trying to go from 4 lines of service to 3 lines of service. If that par for the course on all of the Tracfone brands?

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    Probably, in a lot of cases...

    But in this case, I think this is expected behavior when canceling a line off of a TW shared plan. Sometimes people will replace the open slot with another line, and sometimes people leave the slot open if they need that amount of data between the remaining shared lines.

    I don't remember exactly how I did it when one of my sons left their 2 line shared plan, but I don't remember it being especially difficult to drop it down to a 1 line plan. This was over a year ago, so things could have changed since then...

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    I had Total Wireless for a couple of years and went from 4 lines to 3 lines at one point. You had to buy a new refill card with only 3 lines and redeem it before your service is up. They leave an open line if you just stay on autopay or never buy a different card.

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