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Thread: Ultra Mobile Experience

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    Ultra Mobile Experience

    What have people's experience with Ultra Mobile been?

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    I used them years ago when they first started and I was pleased. If I recall correctly they have low international rates and international texting is included in plans. The only reason I switched is because T-Mobile coverage is not good where I live. I see from their website that they have some attractive new promos. I am connected to wifi most of the time and I don't need much data. If T-Mobile coverage were better where I live I would jump at that $10/mo annual plan.

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    This is also a dated report, but my wife used Ultra Mobile for ~2 years, from 11/14 to 12/16.

    She primarily used it for the included international calling benefits, including Ultra's "Call Me Free" feature.

    The cell service and customer service was good, and the only reason she changed was because enough of the people she was calling ended up with FB Messenger, Viber, or Skype, so she could do video calls for free. With no longer needing the international calling benefits, she switched to a service that was better for her domestic usage needs.

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