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Thread: Internet Only Plans Still Live?

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    Internet Only Plans Still Live?

    T-Mobile has internet only plans. Thought these plans were legacied out but they still seem to be active. They are supposed to be for non-phone devices (tablets, watches). For example, the cheapest is 2gb for $10/mo

    I'm wondering if I sign up again, if I can get it to work in a dual sim iPhone as secondary service (with Google Voice) , they do get 5G according to terms

    I know there are MVNOs that you can get better deals on regular service but guessing these plans are not deprioritized

    Update: Did not realize there is already a thread discussing this but no delete option
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    If you edit the post there's a Delete button below the editor textarea on the the desktop web version of HoFo. I don't know about the mobile web or app HoFo versions as I don't use them. (The desktop site works great in the Opera browser for Android).
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