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Thread: Tried Consumer Cellular

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    Tried Consumer Cellular

    Thought I'd give Consumer Cellular a try for their ATT coverage where I live in Chicago. Went to Target to buy a SIM. Got home and called the customer care to set things up. Gave the person my Chicago suburban zip code, and was asked what area code I preferred, which was either 815 or 779. So, I was given a number with 218 area code. At the time, didn't know where the area code was located. Everything worked so the call was ended.
    Within the hour, found the area code and number to be for Fergus Fall, MN. Called back into care to get a Chicago number. Was told that that wasn't possible, and that a new SIM would have to be purchased. What a deal, eh?
    I'm in Chicago, and they can't dredge up a local kinda number? I dropped them like hot wax. What an outfit!!
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    I've dealt with companies that limit the area codes they will issue to only those serving the subscriber's billing/credit card account's ZIP-Code. In other words, had you supplied an Oak Park ZIP and asked for a number in area code 708, you probably would have succeeded. Or, you might have asked a friend in Rockford to start the service, to obtain a number in 815/779.

    VoIP numbers (DIDs) are available worldwide, but telco numbers tend to be tied to the subscriber's geographic area at time of issue. I see that eBay & Amazon charge $15 - $20 for a C.C. SIM (I didn't see a C.C. SIM available at Target online), so it's an expensive false start, agreed.

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