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Thread: Wiko Ride 3 inexpensive new phone

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    Wiko Ride 3 inexpensive new phone

    I learned about the Wiko Ride 3 on a link that was in “Your Morning Briefing for Friday, May 28th, 2021”. I am intrigued by this. I was not really looking for a phone thus not wanting to spend much but am using an almost 5 year old LG Escape 3 (LG-K373) activated on Pure Talk (an AT&T MVNO) after unlocking from Cricket. This Wiko Ride 3 does have the advantage of more memory than I now have and a larger screen as well.

    That leaves me wanting to get information from this group. I know it is very early in the life of this particular phone but what do some of you think of it and that manufacture in general?

    Do Boost phones come unlocked or are they easy to get unlocked from a service found on eBay or elsewhere? If unlocked, do they work well on the AT&T network? I am happy with that network and the Pure Talk MVNO.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

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    Boost phones are locked.

    Even if you could unlock it, as far as I can tell it only works on the Boost Mobile Enhanced Data Network which I think means t-mobile network so I don't think will work on AT&T.

    Here is an article about the new phone.

    Boost Mobile is offering customers an Android 11 phone for $35

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    I have a Wiko Life 2 phone i got through Assurance Wireless and it has been a real headache. Formerly Virgin Mobile/Sprint, now T-Mobile-Sprint.

    Network error messages daily, software updates don't install properly, the screen looks good but is insensitive to use. Multiple taps to get response, the keypad is inaccurate to a degree, and things tend to work slowly (installed apps).

    It isn't the same model Wiko mentioned in this thread, but it's the same brand.

    The errors are possibly network related at times, and the brand may be ok on another service, but quality issues with the phone itself might be a problem. Just saying. I have only had this one Wiko.

    I ported my AW number to Google Voice and as a lifeline service it's the more reliable as long as I'm near WiFi, but I only use the Wiko for streaming music now. Even for that it's slooow. Once the connection is made it's usually ok but sometimes cuts out. The radio apps I installed are sort of glitchy though.

    I just thought I would chime in. I prefer Moto and LG phones. Samsung as an alternate. It depends on the model. But SO much better than my Wiko.

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