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Thread: Companies offering unlimited talk text data for a reasonable price?

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    Companies offering unlimited talk text data for a reasonable price?

    Trying to move away from postpaid for the most part so I’m looking for companies offering said features for $40 to $60 per month? More so, I’ve seen sprint T-Mobile ATT and cricket offer 100gb which is enticing was wondering if there are any that offer unlimited data with decent speeds of maybe 20 to 25 dL speeds. I know it depends on location so if it helps I’m in NC. Thanks. I have my eye on PagePlus.

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    I'm looking at the monthly plans on the Page Plus Cellular page. The $30, or $40, or $55 plans are probably what you may want, but you could also check the 120 day plans to see if any fit with what you want. MintMobile may be in your interest also. $30 per month for unlimited talk & text, and data, which the page labels as "new". See this on . Look for the small link, "See more plans" with a little down-arrow, and you can see that 12-month plan (otherwise, there is the $35 per month for THREE months at a time.)

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    US Mobile seems to be the hot MNVO at the moment. There's also Visible to consider, though their throttling seems to be a pain point for a lot of people.

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    All of the prepaid and MVNOs are subject to "deprioritization", which means that at times of high usage in a particular location, data is prioritized for post-paid customers and prepaid customers have lower priorities. The actual algorithms used by the various network parent companies are closely guarded secrets, and your experience will likely be different than anyone else that doesn't live close to you and have similar usage patterns.

    For example, I live in NYC suburb, and can often pull 150-200mbps on Verizon or T-Mobile postpaid in my house, except between the hours of 9AM and 3PM weekdays when the local community college is in session (the closest cell site is on the campus, so it's set up for high density usage, despite being in an otherwise residential suburb where the houses are on 1/2 acre+ lots). I would bet that most MVNOs would pull similar speeds at these times since the cell utilization is probably <10% other than during the times classes are in session. So if I only tested nights/weekends based on my usage pattern, I'd be fine with any MVNO on those two networks (I didn't test AT&T as I don't have a postpaid line on them).

    During the day when classes are being held at the college, the speeds drop to ~30-60mbps typically (pre-COVID). In that case, I presume the MNVO speeds would be lower than my postpaid service, due to my usage being prioritized when the site utilization is higher. That doesn't mean they go to zero and I get 50mbps, rather it means that they may get lower speeds. Frankly, whether I get 5mbps or 50mbps, my experience likely wouldn't be noticeable on a mobile device. My 200mbps really just gives me bragging rights (and other than cell phone geeks, present company included, I guarantee nobody else cares).

    So, you'll have to try a few out -- what works for your usage pattern won't necessarily work for others. Experience can/will differ by time of day and location within a particular city -- there are just too many variables to generalize.

    if you're eyeing PagePlus, then as noted above US Mobile has some very attractive unlimited plans these days ($45 all in for one line, $60 for two and $75 for 3 lines, and then $25/line for the 4th and 5th). PagePlus is $55 ($50 with autopay, but you'll need to add tax to get the discount -- which may mitigate the $5/month savings). They offer both Verizon and T-Mobile, and the SIM kit comes with both (and it's free with the code that will pop up on the web site -- typically it's "freesim", but if it doesn't pop up, just chat and ask for a free SIM code -- they will happily provide one). If you need more than one SIM, just place separate orders for each using the coupon code.

    I believe Cricket is still throttled to 8mbs except for the high-end $60 ($55 autopay) plan, an T-Mobile walked back their 100GB to 50GB recently.

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