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Thread: Do the G5 and the G7 Fit have 4G? Or just 4g LTE?

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    Do the G5 and the G7 Fit have 4G? Or just 4g LTE?

    I have a G5 and my wife has a G7. Today I got a notice from Consumer Cellular that they are dropping 3G and I have to upgrade. I thought that was odd as the G5 has 4g LTE, but reading suggests that it isn't really 4g.
    So... do I need to replace my phone?
    Apparently they don't have a problem with the G7. Does that have 4G?

    I also have a LG Rebel 4 that I am not using. It is a very cheap phone, but newer. Does that have 4G?

    Your help on this is appreciated.

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    Yes, those phones all have 4G. I suspect the notice is being sent to all users, no matter what phone they have. Probably want people to buy new phones, even if their existing phone supports 4G.

    Don't forget that 4G = LTE/VOLTE. LTE is used for internet only, but VOLTE = Voice Over LTE that uses both voice and data.
    Just another day in paradise.....

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    I called Consumer Cellular. They said my phone is fine; they had the wrong serial number for it, and that phone doesn't have 4g LTE. Thanks for the help.

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