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Thread: Is my LG X Charge (Sprint) usable nowadays?

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    Is my LG X Charge (Sprint) usable nowadays?

    Bought this for $30 at Best Buy in 2019. (android 7)

    i used it briefly for Tello.
    It's been sitting there on my desk collecting dust.

    Since tmobile killed the sprint network after the buy out, can i connect this phone to a cheap service provider now?
    if so, which?

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    most sprint MVNOs are or have been transitioning to tmobile. Tmobie is sunsetting sprint spectrum and refarming it to suit tmobile

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    I think the phone is toast as far as a new activation. I think they are letting current customers coast until the end. You could try selling it on eBay. Also, unlocking is not realistic.

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    According to the phone specs that I looked up, that device does use LTE but it didn't mention VOLTE (Voice over LTE) so it may not be fully compatible. If I am mistaken, I am certain someone will be happy to correct me.
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    This phone may work on T-Mobile

    He has all TMO bands except LTE B41

    There is a very simple test:

    1. Insert T-Mobile SIM. If the SIM is not recognized, you must unlock the phone first (contact TMO customer service) to use on T-Mobile and/or other operators.
    2. If the SIM is recognized, make a phone call.
    3a. If you cannot place phone call then it means the phone cannot be used anywhere. If you want to sell it, please mention this fact (to be honest person).
    3b. If you can place phone call, check network indicator. If it is LTE, then you are OK to use it for a long time on T-Mobile. If it drops to 3G, you still can use it on T-Mobile until 3G sunset (the date is not announced yet) or on any foreign (non-US) network that does not require VoLTE. Please note: even if the phone is unlocked for T-Mobile it still can be locked for other operators.

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