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Thread: Mint, 4G Data great -9Xdbm, but No Voice or SMS some locations

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    Mint, 4G Data great -9Xdbm, but No Voice or SMS some locations

    I have been talking to Mint tech support to resolve a Data only(-9Xdbm & fast) but voice and SMS are failing problem (in certain locations of my area) I know this is unusual. Placing a voice call gets an instant rapid busy signal or a cannot complete call display.

    Mint support tested and reset a few things, had me remove and reinstall the SIM card, then said I should request a free new SIM card, just go to website and request a new one she said. But they are $9.95. I have tried using the Ultra and Fast T- mobile APN, no difference.

    Using a Samsung SM-A515F/DS, it has all bands used buy US carriers, with US LTE support. I don’t believe this happened when testing Ultra mobile, I’ll revisit that.

    Any guidance appreciated.

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    Sounds like you're using an International Version phone, which might or might not support VoLTE on T-mobile and you're in an area where there's no 3G/2G to fall back to/3G Shutdown for voice/sms. This is preview of what will happen when the networks shuts down 3G for non VoLTE certified phones. Data will still work fine, but no calls or text messages.

    So you'll need to figure out if your phone is certified for VoLTE on T-mobile and if there's some APN/phone secret menu settings to enable it. Or you might need to buy a new phone that's VoLTE certified.

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    You can verify if VoLTE is working by;

    -Turning off Wifi
    -Make a call & check to see if the LTE indicator stays on LTE or changes to something else.

    Let us know what you find.

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