I pre-ordered the iPhone 13 pro for in store pick-up from An Apple store on Friday. I have 2 questions about paying for it. I知 paying for it outright (not attaching it to my Verizon account) so I知 not getting bill credits or anything.

1. I selected that I was going to trade in my old iPhone 12 Pro (I also bought it outright from Apple a year ago and it is unlocked). I知 not 100% sure I want to do this now because I may be selling it to a friend for more money than Apple will give me. I believe that even though I知 doing in store pickup Apple will still mail me a box to send the old iPhone in for a credit. Is this correct and other than not receiving the credit from Apple are there any risks in not sending the phone in or is the trade in done when I pick up the new phone.

2. I also have a few hundred dollars in iTunes/Apple credits attached to my Apple ID/account and a few hundred dollars worth of regular gift cards as well. When I pick up the new phone can I apply the credits and gift cards towards the purchase and then put the remaining balance on the credit card I used to make the reservation or do I have to put the entire reservation/order amount on the credit card (non Apple credit card).

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