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Thread: Deprio. on VZ PrePaid

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    Deprio. on VZ PrePaid

    Been with RedPocket for a year. Did not notice deprio. at all with VZ as underlying..but I only ran speed test occassionally. Never was there a moment was the phone was unusable that I said I needed to check what speeds I am getting.

    Was a VZ Postpaid for decades....
    Still do have a postpaid Business line with them

    Just switched the RedPocket to Spectrum. Seems hotly debated on whether Spectrum does or does not deprioritize. Regardless, I gain 1 thing with them versus RP, which is WiFi Calling. Needed it at my other house where signal is weak, and the Biz Phone with VZ works great as WiFi calling is enabled. Couldn't do that with RP/VZ WiFi calling. I believe RP ATT allows WiFi Calling but I tried the ATT and I was getting dropouts in coverage here and there

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    So you're not asking a question?
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