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Thread: How about Mint?

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    How about Mint?

    I just found out my phones won't work on ATT next year; but will on Tmobile.
    Mint is about half the price of Tmobile. Presumably there is a downside to that, but what?
    If it is just a matter of not having retail stores, I can live with that.

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    I got one of my customers on Mint 2 years ago, he's still happy. You get a free week to try it with the SIM which costs $1.
    You might also consider Tello which is on Tmobile. $6/mo t/t & data. I've been using it over 2 years, no unsolved problems.

    I don't know anything about Red Pocket, lots of people use it..

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    Mint is awful IMO. How much data do you use? T-Mobile Connect is only $15 a month for 2.5GB of data or $25 a month for 5.5GB of data and the data buckets increase each year by 500MB until the $15 is 4.5GB and the $25 is 7.5GB.

    There is also the T-Mobile Simply Prepaid $40 plan with 10GB of high speed data and unlimited at 2G speeds.

    Mint is deprioritized and will have issues in congested areas plus it lacks any roaming coverage. T-Mobile gives their own prepaid brands the same priority as their postpaid customers so that's the way I would go.

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