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Thread: Having trouble finding unlocked Pixel US version

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    Having trouble finding unlocked Pixel US version

    Hello there!

    We live in an area with terrible reception for all carriers and will likely be moving from our current(Google Fi) back to Verizon, with which we had the best luck with. That being said, the chance is fairly strong that we'll move from VZW at some point so I'm looking for either the pixel 4a 5g or 5a 5g in the US version so that it's capable of all carriers, 5g included. The problem I'm running into is that all sellers seem to be selling the international version, which means we wouldn't have 5g on vzw.

    We're also looking to buy from Amazon, b&h, etc and not the Google store.

    Could someone suggest a 5g capable phone for under $600 that will work on all carriers? Even if it's not a Pixel, we just need something that won't saddle us to a particular carrier.

    Thanks for your time!

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    Pixel 5a 5G has two versions (USA & Japan). It was on sale for $399 direct from Google and Unlocked (Black Friday deal).

    It can be used on Verizon as long as it is properly set up as "CDMA-less" phone on their system.

    It does NOT have the mmWave 5G Bands BUT that's something that is new for now and may not be a big deal in the future.

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