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Thread: Prepaid coverage vs AT&T

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    Prepaid coverage vs AT&T

    Any comments on this subject? Even though I live in a large metro area, my house seems to be in one of those isolated weak coverage spots for AT&T, which has caused me problems when at home (at least until they started supporting Wifi calling). My impression has been that Verizon generally has the best coverage -- true or not?

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    In the past Verizon was by far the largest carrier. But ATT, fresh off their FirstNet contract, are almost the same size now. But if you're struggling, I'd pick up a cheap prepaid plan to test the service. Then I'd switch if your house has better coverage.

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    Depends on location. I use both. In North Carolina AT&T is now the coverage king. I travel the state for work and have been everywhere.

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    Yeah, I was wondering if it was worth trying Verizon again in NC, but I keep hearing from people that AT&T is the way to go. Even my boss on a post paid VZW business account says so, so I guess I am stuck with the death star for internet and mobile for the foreseeable future.

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