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Thread: New Visible Customer

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    New Visible Customer

    I was with Sprint for about 10 years. After Tmobile buyout, Sprint network declined as their bandwidth was redistributed. Did the SIM switch to Tmobile service as a result, and that was even worse.

    After using a test line for a week, ported my lines out to Visible. Port went without a hitch, and I have much better service. Daughter with iPhone 13 now on Visible is getting > 200 mbps here most of the time, my new Pixel 6 is getting about 40 mbps on average here around Indy on Visible. I'm a little jealous of her speeds, but mine is plenty for anything I want to do. I am seeing the 5 mbps throttle on hotspot, but unlimited 5 mbps is plenty for my hotspot needs.

    I went from $115/mo for line charges to $50/mo, and have much better, more reliable service. I feel that is a big win.
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    In the small rural town of 7,000 where I live, service was all but useless for me. sub 1mbps speeds during most daylight hours. Not to mention MIA text messages and phone calls.

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    I've used Visible for my phone over the last year and a half and it's been fine for me for calls and text.

    Data it's highly dependent on location and time. Where I'm living right now in suburban Houston, it's great, usually at least 30 Mbps, often more. At the shopping area only a couple of miles from here it's almost unusable with speeds sometimes struggling to get to 1 Mbps. I can see that it's a different tower but a strong still signal. I don't know if that can be explained purely by congestion or something else.

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    I’ve tried Visible twice now, the first time things seemed fine but it was on a low use backup line. The second time last December I tried with my primary personal line, I would get calls and texts that never came through, calls with no caller ID, and bouts of “No Service” where I’d have to reboot the phone to get any signal back.

    I live in a Verizon dead zone for data (been that way for years) but in most other places it was fine data wise. But yeah the missed calls and texts was a dealbreaker for me too.

    I know some might blame the missed calls on the overloaded cell site, but my postpaid Verizon line doesn’t miss a beat in the same location so it’s definitely related to Visible’s core network.

    Like everything though if it works for you, use it.

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    I had a good deal on boost, $25 for the unlimited plan. However, there was a problem with my cell tower, I think because of the sprint shutoff they were not maintaining the tower. My data was so slow it was unusable. This caused me to jump to visible.

    I have had visible now for about 3 months for $25 a month and it has worked great.

    Plus I get unlimited hotspot so now use hotspot most of the time. I have used over 100 GB a month hotspot. Before on boost I was limited to 12 GB a month.

    When I switched I got a $75 moto e which works good. $75 for an unlocked phone was a good deal.

    My old unlocked moto e4 that I was using on boost had a bad battery so I was lucky to change plans right when my battery was almost dead.

    I also got a $50 gift card for signing up with visible.

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