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Thread: Updating Credit Card on PP Site

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    Updating Credit Card on PP Site

    If you're fairly new to Page Plus, and need to update the credit card you have on file for, say, Auto Pay, you won't find an easy link like you do at every other of more than a dozen sites I had to update. Even if you click to go to your Auto Pay settings, you won't see any way to update your card.

    What worked: Instead, I just deleted the Auto Pays for my two phones and created new ones using the new card.

    If someone has an easier way, let us know. At least this works.

    I haven't seen any updates to the PP site in years, even when Tracfone acquired it. Perhaps Verizon has plans to bring the site into the current century, but that's assuming they even let PP stick around. We'll see.

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    I can't say for sure but I thought I read somewhere on the site or FAQ's somewhere that that's how you need to change your CC info. Delete the old and add the new.

    Been with PP forever. The only change I've seen is they use to not only show the min/txt/data use under Call Records, but also the corresponding $ charged off a PayGo balance. I know now sometimes the $ doesn't match the use. On average +- 25c. Not a biggie.

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