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Thread: New plan for flip phones - $15/mo but no data

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    New plan for flip phones - $15/mo but no data

    Fine print is important to note here

    "Keep in mind you will need a Data Add-on to send or receive MMS"

    Other details.

    30 Service Days Unlimited Talk & Text No Contract
    Earn 15 Rewards points
    Auto-Refill Price


    This plan is only available with Auto-Refill and for Phone Models: Z232, Z233, A405, A406, and L125.

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    Zeroing in on Consumer Cellular appeal. There is at least one other carrier doing this and admitting it.

    At least TF data rolls over?

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    Yeah, the low data space is really getting competitive. This offering is hardly competitive in my mind. Lot's of options cheaper than this if a person is willing to pay for a year at a time. Even for monthly payments, T-Mobile has the Connect plan with unlimited talk and text and 2.5GB of data at $15/mo. USMobile (uses Verizon) has unlimited talk/text for $9/mo and for $17/mo you get 5GB of data. The fact that you MUST use a non-smart phone really limits the usefulness of such a plan. Why not offer it to smart phone users who want to only use WIFI?
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    Yeah, that's kind of a pointless offering for anyone who knows what else is available out there. Plenty of smartphone offerings like drooper mentioned give you more for your monthly subscription. Mint is still in that category too, I believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by drooper View Post
    YThe fact that you MUST use a non-smart phone really limits the usefulness of such a plan. Why not offer it to smart phone users who want to only use WIFI?
    Based on what I have seen here, the inventive, ingenious minds on this forum will soon figure out a way to use the plan with smartphones!
    Or, Tracfone themselves will provide a YMMV, but exploitable, loophole!
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