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Thread: Phone not receiving calls.

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    Phone not receiving calls.

    I'm not sure where to post this.

    My phone usually won't accept incoming calls. It goes immediately to voice mail. The phone can still make calls and send and receive text messages. I can fix the problem temporally by making a call. This fix only lasts for around half an hour.

    I've had this phone and carrier for 2 years and this problem only started a month ago.

    My phone is a Moto E6 and my carrier is Ting.

    I have no idea where the problem is. It could be my phone or my phone settings or my carrier.

    I have another question. I have a spare Moto E6. Could I swap phones just by removing the SIM on this phone and putting it into the spare phone?

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    Glad I stumbled onto your thread while posting mine. My mom was having the same issue. I suspected that since Dish Network bought Ting and decided to use AT&T instead of T-Mobile as their carrier, they were making T-Mobile SIMs not work as well. Try calling their customer service (which is great) and request a new SIM card. Getting one that is AT&T based should fix your problem. Since my mom had a OnePlus phone that was T-Mobile branded, I just found her a comparable plan with them and switched away from Ting.

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    Interesting you say Ting switched from T-mobile to AT&T. I didn't know that. I have never seen AT&T being displayed on the phone. I occasionally see T-Mobile being displayed but that could be something left over from before the switch.

    I got several suggestions from Ting to fix WiFi calling. The first gave a list of APN settings I should use. That did nothing.

    Then I was told to go to device setting in my Ting account and check it out. There I found WiFi calling was disabled. I changed that to enabled and my phone has worked fine ever since.

    Then I received advice from someone else at Ting that said my SIM was old and she would give me a new one. I told her thanks but my phone works okay now so apparently I don't need a new SIM.

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