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Thread: Possible to combine a TF phone with Verizon SIM with a BYOP AT&T SIM?

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    Possible to combine a TF phone with Verizon SIM with a BYOP AT&T SIM?

    I have, sold by Tracfone, a new Moto G Power 2020 phone with a 1 yr plan expiring on Apr 30.

    I unlocked it and verified it's unlocked earlier today. The service is on Verizon. Details:

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    I also have a BYOP Tracfone SIM on AT&T:

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    I'd not like to lose the "value" on the SIM expiring Apr 30. I'd like to combine the "value" of the two SIMs and have the resulting service run on AT&T.

    1) Firstly can this be done? If the resulting service cannot be on AT&T, can the resulting service be on Verizon.
    2) Assuming the answer to either of the above is "yes":
    a. I assume the preferred way to do this is via chat and there's no way for me to attempt to do this myself?
    b. If yes, what are the right "words" to use on chat so that it's combined as desired? Does "I'd like to combine the minutes, text, data and service days from number xxx-xxx-xxxx with those of yyy-yyy-yyyy so that the combined minutes, text and data is associated with xxx-xxx-xxxx" work?

    Thank you.


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    1) Yes, it can be done. It makes no difference that the lines are with different carriers. It'd be better to have both lines in the same account, so the rep can view just that account and sees both phones. If you need help putting both lines in the same account, let us know.
    2a) You need to use Chat or call, you can't do it yourself. Use Chat, so all the phone numbers and balances are written down, reduces mistakes.
    2b) See THIS THREAD for sample script of the process.

    Lately, some reps didn't want to give out account balances. You can turn that around by asking "My phone (xxx) xxx-xxxx has xxx minutes/xxx texts/xxx GB, can you confirm that for me?".

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    Yes, I did exactly that last week. Use chat for this.

    I had a phone on TF Verizon that was running out of service days. I combined it with a TF AT&T phone.

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    Thanks @hpham and @happygrrl.

    I can now report success! Went extremely smoothly.

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