I don't use the Gmail app that comes on my Android phone, except strictly for a Gmail account that is a bit of a side-deal for me.

My main stuff is on Yahoo Mail. Yahoo's Mail app is ridiculously large and bloated, and can be a magnet for lots of advertising. Its only plus is that it gets immediate push notifications of incoming messages to the Yahoo accounts.

The Gmail app can handle Yahoo email, but like any other third party email app, only on a configured "fetch" basis (periodically going and checking the account and putting things in your Inbox on that interval).

That's fine and I can deal with that. But my beef is, even though when looking at a Gmail account in the Gmail app, things look good and are readable (as regards font size), as soon as you get into other mail accounts using it, the font becomes tiny. I mean, really a PITA to read and use.

And there doesn't seem to be anything to compensate for this, other than go to your phone's Display settings and increase the font size (or any other similar global setting that does the same thing).

But that is no solution. I guess the only thing that would really work is a dedicated sizing setting in the Gmail app for each account configured to use it.

Maybe this is intentional, meant to cast a negative light on any other party's email service (Gmail: "Yeah, we work with any type of email service, but you can see how they suck..." kind of approach).

Does anyone else see this? I already use another email app for my Yahoo stuff on Android (Aqua Mail, paid version), but my philosophy leans toward using what comes on the phone, to avoid redundancy and save space (assuming what comes on the phone can't be removed).