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Thread: RedPocket/FreedomPop Free Plan on T-Mobile

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    RedPocket/FreedomPop Free Plan on T-Mobile

    I didn't really need another service but I like to keep a line on T-Mobile's network for testing purposes.

    FreedomPop offers 300 Minutes, 1000 Texts, and 100MB/Month, at $0/month, on a SIM sold only at Walmart online (not in stores) for $9.98, see .

    Given the terrible reputation of FreedomPop in the past, I was reluctant to do this, but I went ahead and took the chance and ordered a SIM. For some reason they ship these SIM cards FedEx ground, so I watched with amazement as my SIM card made its way across the country, visiting eleven cities before arriving.

    • You do not have to renew manually each month
    • They may charge you 911 fees, but they also may just say that they'll charge them and never do it
    • A credit card is required to sign up. I used a virtual credit card to sign up, just in case
    • Wi-Fi calling is available (you have to contact them to set it up). Wi-Fi calls are deducted from your 300 minutes which is weird, so use Google Voice over Wi-Fi instead
    • No roaming of course, so you get only T-Mobile native coverage (like most T-Mobile MVNOs)
    • Sold only at Walmart online, ship to store not available, so there are shipping charges unless you reach the $35 threshold for free shipping (or do a free trial of Walmart+)

    For $0 per month it's hard to complain, but at my house I get only one signal bar of coverage on T-Mobile, and abysmal data speed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CanadianAngela View Post
    <snip>Wi-Fi calling is available (you have to contact them to set it up). Wi-Fi calls are deducted from your 300 minutes which is weird, so use Google Voice over Wi-Fi instead<snip>
    Thanks for the review; please update us re 911 or other possible monthly fees.

    FYI, deducting WiFi calls from minutes allotment is standard practice in the industry...
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    I've had one of these Walmart Freedompop SIMs for several months and it is completely free service in Texas. I can't speak for other states.
    Very pleased.

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    I love deals, so I'm very tempted by this one (even though I don't need it at all!).

    The reviews on Walmart's page that OP included talk about being charged for taxes and fees every month. I wonder if that's how it was when it was introduced? Or maybe it depends on your billing zip code.

    $0/month is great, but with FreedomPop, I don't know what to do.
    I had FP when they were totally free, I've had only good experiences with them, but have read too many unhappy stories about them too, sadly.
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    when i go to it says 10 mins 10 txt and 25mb data for free 30 days etc.. has it changed in 2 months since you had it?

    if i go to walmart will the plan change? (i can not view currently)

    at freedompop the
    GSM Replacement SIM Kit
    IS Out of Stock

    looks like a bad deal might as well just get the 50$ a year redpocket plan ;(

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