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Thread: New Visible Party Plan Members

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    New Visible Party Plan Members

    Need at least 2 new members for SupportTheBlue group at Visible. We are a Part Pay group of the law enforcement family or supporters of the men and women who serve.


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    Being in a small party is nonsensical.

    My Party Pay Group of over 50,000 members (NO information is shared with other members!) Any request to join a huge group group like mine will be accepted within 15 minutes or sooner. NO month will ever cost more than $25. And NO worrying if anyone drops out of the over 50,000 members. Any one of the 50,000 members can accept your request to join & you're in.
    I will be Judged on how I helped the poor, sick & others in need; strangers & loved ones alike.

    My plans:
    Visible (Verizon) UTT & Unlimited Data $25/mo
    Liberty Wireless (T-Mobile) UTT 09.06.22
    T-Mobile Gold Rewards $10yr exp 01.03.23
    Truphone (AT&T) every 180 days by 07.18.22

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