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Thread: My Verizon issue

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    My Verizon issue

    So I ported out of Verizon prepaid a couple of weeks ago to T-Mobile, and I ported the same number back to Verizon prepaid last Saturday. I went to register for My Verizon and it said I was already registered, strange, so I logged in with my old credentials and it worked, but my Verizon is broken, most the links don’t work and it seems to be associated with my old account, not my new one. I’ve contacted care who was supposed to have my Verizon fixed, but they haven’t been able to successfully do this as of yet.

    Has anybody else gone through this? I saw somebody posted on Reddit last weekend about the exact same issue, and somebody else confirmed they’re going through the same thing, so this must be a new semi-widespread issue.

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    It’s a common issue. Verizon keeps MyVerizon login information for a few years.

    There’s two ways to remedy this, and only one that will give you a chance to use the site:
    1st: register with a different email address; this is actually easy if you have a gmail address, as you can add “+” and any string of letters or numbers to your address before the and it will still send emails that way. Many people use this to filter spam or as a secondary login. An email example for this is [email protected]

    2nd: wait for the email from Verizon saying your MyVerizon account is about to be closed

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    I appreciate the info, unfortunately it seems to have made no difference. I’ve ported out of prepaid before and I usually get an email stating that my account has been de-enrolled from my Verizon within minutes, I never received that email this most recent port out. My old login seems to be attached to a dead account/same phone number.

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