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Thread: TF. Transferring balance from 1 line to a 2nd, does expiry date STACK or take the furthest expiry?

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    Question TF. Transferring balance from 1 line to a 2nd, does expiry date STACK or take the furthest expiry?

    If I transfer the full balance of 1 TracFone pay as you go line to a different line on a separate account, I understand that all of the mins,txts,data will combine onto the 2nd line but does the expiry date combine as well? For example:

    On the 1st line (on its own tracfone account with its own email address) I have 1200mins, 750txts, 2.3gb remaining, with an expiry date of Oct 1st of this year and then on a different tracfone line (again on its own separate tracfone login account) I have 250mins, 200txts, 1.2gb, with an expiry of Dec 1st of this year. Correct me if I'm wrong but after the 1st line is transferred to the 2nd line:

    The 1st line will become deactivated, and the 2nd line will have 1450mins,950txts,3.5gb all with an expiration date of approx 10 months from now? Is that right?

    That's the way I understand it, and the way I believe it has worked for me in the past, but I'm not positive.

    Oh and do the TF rewards points stack as well from the two separate accounts?

    Thanks for any help you can provide!
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    The expiry dates stack.

    But it's easier to do if both phones / lines are in the same account.

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    The buckets and days will be added together. But do NOT use the term "transfer" when communicating with TF reps. A transfer is when everything (phone number, buckets, days) from the donor phone overlay those on the receiving phone. Use "combine" or "add" instead. Make it clear to the rep which phone number you want to keep.

    Here's a sample script that I've successfully many times.

    Tracfone: Thank you for visiting Tracfone today. How may I help you?
    Maria : Hi H. Pham.
    Maria : Thank you for visiting TracFone Wireless.
    Maria : How may I assist you?
    Hi Maria. My phone xxx-xxx-5515 will expire soon. Can I have its remaining balance added to my phone xxx-xxx-1139 ? I want to keep the number ending in 1139.
    Maria : I will be glad to assist you with that.
    Maria : Prior making any changes to your account, we must validate your identity. We want to make sure the changes being requested are done for the owner of the phone.
    Maria : May I have the security PIN of your account?
    Maria : Thank you.
    Maria : Allow me a moment to process the transfer.
    Maria : I already transferred the airtime to the number ending in 1139. Your ticket number is 12228xxxxxx.
    Could you give me the new balance of phone 1139 ?
    Maria : Please allow me a moment to look into this.
    Maria : Our records show that you have 7915 voice minutes, 14057 text messages and 13.86 GB of data.
    That's great. Thank you very much for your help, Maria.
    Maria : You are welcome.
    Maria : Is there anything else that I can assist you with?
    That's all for today. Thanks again. Stay Safe.
    Maria : You are welcome.
    Maria : You do as well.
    Maria : Thank you for chatting with TracFone Wireless.

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    Thanks Boz, yes I agree. So what happened was, I did chat and they were having trouble transferring the balance initially (because the 2 lines are on independent accounts), so they said I need to talk to a supervisor and had one call me in 15 mins.

    That supervisor was actually quite good and she put the 2 lines on the same account temporarily (which I could see reflected in the TF app on one of the phones) and she said she'd put them back on their orig accounts after she completes the transfer. Well, then she found that she was having trouble with the transfer because a few days prior a less talented supervisor put a courtesy 5 day extension on one of the lines of the account and in doing that also put the line on an unlimited plan for seemingly no reason, according to her that was a mistake and should not have been done. Because it was on an unlimited plan she said she couldn't complete the transfer, and then a bit later the call got dropped and now I have 2 lines on 1 account with 200 rewards points on that account and over 5k in rewards points on my other account which has no lines on it anymore..!

    Not sure how best to proceed here..

    My child uses this phone for occasionally calls about school or sports practice pickup and I can track them on find my. Basically it's very light usage and what matters most to me is the furthest out expiry date.

    My intention was to

    1) use up the 5k rewards points on the "old" account to extend the expiry date as far as possible, then
    2) transfer the balance (mins,txts,data) to the "main" line (this line also has ~5k rewards points which I will use at some point in the future). The main line is expiring in a few days so that's why I thought I'd get the transfer done so he'd be good for a while
    3) the "old" or "donor" line would be deactivated and I used up all but 200 of the rewards points so that's fine with us.

    By the way, when doing transfers you've taught me that the expiries are stacked, what about the rewards points on the two separate accounts, are those stacked as well?

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