Hello, I am trying to figure out how to get Nokia PC Suite to install so I can use it. I have the latest in all the drivers and newest edition of it. Some people say that the newer Nokia phones need an older version of PC Suite, but I cannot find any of that anywhere online. My error message says Windows doesn't recognize my USB cable driver and so the new hardware is not installed. My USB Hub in Deivce manager says I have an Unidentified Object in there. (I don't know PCs very well, I found how to look in Device Manager from online.) I have uninstalled it many times and reinstalled it until I'm tired of trying that. I tried an older driver but that hasn't worked either. I do know that Nokia 6300 is not the same as Nokia 6300 4G, so I don't know which version of programs to use. Is there any other program that is similar to PC suite that I can use in case I can't figure out my problem? I see many people have been having the same difficulty. My trouble is, I don't know how computers work so I have an added problem. I can follow any directions if they are listed step by step with fairly normal English (not too much computer high tech language.) Thank you for any help you can offer. Have a good day.