Privacy Defender Android Security App is an ultimate Mobile Security App which provides Privacy, Identity Protection and Mobile Security to Android Users, works as an Antivirus and Antimalware by protecting Users from Spyware, Malware and Virus and keeps the Mobile User’s personal Information Private, Safe and Secure

Antivirus – Mobile Security Scan to detect and delete files with Malware and Virus

Anti Malware – Behavioral analysis and MI based Malware Scan and Malware removal of suspicious and malicious Apps

Mobile Security – Built-in Phone Protection Firewall to monitor and block Malicious and Insecure traffic

Ad Blocker – Comprehensive Ad Blocker and AdBlock functionality to block annoying Ads and pop-ups

Anti Spyware - Identifies Spyware Mobile Apps to prevent personal and financial data theft

Surveillance Protection - Stops Spywares from listening in to the conversation by monitoring and blocking camera and microphone block camera and block mic

App Lock - Stops People from opening your Mobile Apps when sharing phone with family, friends and others

Photo Vault – Photo Vault encrypts photos, videos, and files to secure personal ID theft and business data theft

Vulnerability and Security Management - Identifies OS and Device vulnerabilities, in-secure configuration

Wi-Fi Protection – Identify weak and dangerous Wi-Fi networks

Security Threat Alerts & News - Provides latest security news and awareness campaign to identify online threats & Frauds


"This app uses the Accessibility Permission" The accessibility permission is required within the Web Guard feature for Safe Browsing experience, it captures the website URL’s being visited by the Mobile Phone User to identify malicious and fake sites

Mobile Security and Privacy Android Security App for privacy comes with a 3-day trial of the Premium version

Antivirus & Anti Malware

· Performs Antivirus and Anti Malware Scan on stored files and Apps to remove malware in suspicious and malicious Apps
· Behavior Analysis and Use Case based Malware Scan, AntiVirus to detect and remove Malware, Spyware and Virus
· MI based Antivirus Scanner and Anti Malware Scan to detect and perform Malware removal from Mobile Apps

Mobile Firewall

· Phone Protection Firewall monitors and blocks all malicious and insecure incoming and outgoing traffic.
· Behavior Analysis based Anti-malware and Antivirus that provides automated protection

Ad Blocker

· AdBlock with Ad Blocker functionality to block annoying Ads and pop-ups.
· AdBlock Includes automated Ad blocker and Ad tracker for Chrome, YouTube etc.
· AdBlock supports all web browsers and Mobile Apps

Web Guard

· Automatically Blocks when visiting dangerous phishing websites which may contain Virus, Malware, Adware and Spyware.
· Mobile Security Scan to every visited URL link to help detect online threats and alert you of sites that can infect your device and steal your personal information

Anti spyware

· Generates Alerts and provides surveillance protection when Mobile Apps accesses Mobile Phone sensors such as Microphone and Camera
· Camera block and Mic block blocks access to Mic and Camera from being accessed by Apps and works as Anti spyware & Anti malware.

Photo Vault

· Photo Vault securely stores Photos, Videos and PDF files uses AES 256 algorithm for encryption.
· Photo Vault is protected by Master Password and provides easy access through Face ID or Fingerprint.

App Lock

· App Lock provides Mobile Security by blocking access to Apps from kids, family, friends, can be used to lock all Mobile Apps.
· App Lock can be unlocked using PIN, face and/or fingerprint.

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