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Thread: Why can't 4g lte or 5g support 4k video without buffering easily ?

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    Why can't 4g lte or 5g support 4k video without buffering easily ?

    Is it just the nature of the beast ?

    I get 50 Mbps + download speed.

    Yeah I know no mobile device really has a 4k screen but I want to always stream in 4k god dawn it without buffering.

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    Need more information

    What phone are you using? What cellular provider? Where are you? Have you spoken with customer service about the issue? Any trouble making/receiving phone calls? Is this a periodic issue or intermittent? Is it happening in all places of use or just some areas? All internet sites or select sites?

    You haven't provided enough information to help identify the issue.
    Just another day in paradise.....

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