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Thread: The results are in: T-Mobile dominates FCC's 2.5GHz auction

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    The results are in: T-Mobile dominates FCC's 2.5GHz auction

    T-Mobile walked away with the vast majority of the 2.5GHz spectrum licenses up for grabs in the FCC's recent Auction 108.

    Indeed, the operator spent $304 million in the auction, and it won 90% of all the licenses sold in the auction, or 7,156 of the 7,872 total licenses that received winning bids. The auction offered up a total of 8,017 licenses in mostly rural locations around the country, but not all of those licenses received winning bids.

    "With most of the available spectrum in the 2.5GHz band located in rural areas, this auction provides vital spectrum resources to support wireless services in rural communities," according to the FCC.

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    Hopefully T-Mobile will outdo the build-out requirements for this spectrum, which are currently 50% coverage after 4 years and 80% coverage after 8. Since this is all primarily rural coverage and we are dealing with 2.5 Ghz spectrum which does not reach all that far, good coverage will require a significant investment in new towers and equipment and new equipment on existing towers on which they are not currently co-located, both of which T-Mobile is currently in severe lack of, with their 20-mile site spacing norm.

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    yup. B41 LTE is about 10-15 worse for coverage that aws/pcs. Moving to 5g makes range a bit ... worse. That being said, n41 has a lot of capacity, and really weak n41 might give 100Mbps due to it being 100MHz wide, and effectively no channel interference due to range. PCS/AWS LTE might give 10Mbps, in part due to channels being 20MHz max, and lower order of modulation. Kind of a TANSTAAFL.

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