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Thread: Cricket hotspot dilemma & Chromebooks

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    Cricket hotspot dilemma & Chromebooks

    Last year I was able to get hotspot service from cricket on my TCL10 unlocked phone that bought from Best Buy.

    Recently I went to connected to the hotspot option to no avail.

    I called cricket for help and was advised they removed the hotspot service from unlocked androids phones that are not native to cricket.

    I said no nice, but no problem, I won’t be able to connect my iPad, but I remember I used to be able to link my chrome book to my Android phone and share the phone regular data with the chromebook.

    When I tried to do that I discover a few things that are new.

    The fact remains that I can still link up the chrome book to the android phone, but now when you go to share the data screen, the chrome book register and shows that it is connected to the cricket wireless network, it didn’t do that before.

    Furthermore, although it the two devices are connected and trying to share the phone data as it once did, but the chrome book won’t connect to the internet because is missing the DNS information.

    So, the conclusion is that seems like cricket discovered people where using android phones and chromebooks to get unlimited hotspot without having to pay for it, they didn’t have a fix for the issue, so they just banned all non cricket android phones from being able to share data in any way even if you are paying for the hotspot services.

    And this is where I will say goodbye to cricket. After 4 years of great service, they pull this one on me and now I have to go find a better option for my needs.

    Notice this doesn’t apply to iPhones because you can’t really intertwined and iPhone with a chrome book to share the phone regular data, so you can still bring your unlock iPhone into cricket and add the hotspots feature.

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    Cricket being so lockdown on hotspot usage and the removal of the 5 for $100, is really what made me leave Cricket.

    I get that you may not want to offer unlimited hotspot usage without some type of restriction. But on a data limited plan (5 for $100 was 10GB each line), then I should be able to use that data however I wanted to. At least that's my opinion, I suppose Cricket is allowed to have their own opinion. Still, I think you are seeing a lot of other providers allowing at least some amount of hotspot/tethering on all of their plans. Cricket does not.

    One way around this is to use a WiFi-Direct connection and a Proxy. An app like NetShare does this. You would just need to make sure your phone isn't connecting or auto connecting to your own WiFi (if you're in a WiFi area... the Chromebook can connect to that WiFi as well). You would then need to set up the WiFi connection with a Proxy on the Chromebook using the instructions in the NetShare app. If you run into DNS problems, you may need to explicitly give the Chromebook's connection DNS resolvers to use. Like Google's: and

    This setup will not be as fast as a typical hotspot/tethering set up. Because it's using an HTTP proxy all of the data will look like it's going through the phone instead of a device connected to the phone. And because it's using an HTTP proxy (which is TCP), you won't be able to make any UDP connections.

    The 5 for $100 deal with Cricket was so nice I was willing to go through some hoops to get tethering/hotspot working with my phone. It's something I use very infrequently, but it's nice to have when I'm away from home and need to do some stuff for work. But when cricket dropped that plan and raised the price to $125, that opened the doorway to a lot of other providers that do allow tethering for $125 or less.

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    Pdanet works quite well too. They have android/windows clients, or can do wired (haven't tested this).

    I'm on an unlimited plan and have an occasional need to use a hotspot for minimal use. This arrangement does not use a proxy - apps using nonstandard ports will continue to work.

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