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Thread: Any eSims with international roaming?

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    Any eSims with international roaming?

    My mum will be getting the iPhone 14 pro max and here in the USA... it's only eSim... She will be going to various countries in Europe and Philippines for one month but after some research eSim isn't that popular in many countries and even more rare for prepaid services... Are there any cheap plans that includes roaming in Europe and Philippines? Even from local providers? She will have postpaid AT&T here in the USA but it's $100 extra on top of her current plan here to have roaming... Just want to know if there is anything cheaper that includes a large bucket of data for 30 days with eSim?

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    There are a lot of data only options for travel esims

    Take a look at

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    The iPhone 14 can have multiple eSIMs installed and available to use. In the scenario above, I might suggest using the best / most economical domestic eSIM plan to fit the user's needs, and then 2 or more different international eSIM plans, for backup, and international use.

    If you're interested, PM me for a DENT referral link, that when used for signup, will give an additional 1GB free, good for one year, or until used. With the referral link, you'll get a total of 1.2GB free when signing up. Dent data works in 60 +/- different countries.

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    How much data does she need, and does she want a local phone # as well when in the country?

    (they are sometimes outdated though)

    Most of these providers route network back to their country , so websites may load slower due to the extra ping (eg esim2fly routes it back to Thailand, some Europe)

    I like dent with their free data that lasts 365days , but they charge $10/GB after. Dent routes to Europe i believe

    Asia and Europe plans are competitive, you should be able to find something ($1-4/GB depending on what validity you want and how much data)

    Also, you can go further, eg 3 HK offers USD$35, 13GB 365 day esim, can use in USA if your ATT plan is data limited

    (Link is for 30GB 365 day usa only esim which costs the same 268HKD as the 13GB 365 day global

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