Background Info:

Had 4 lines from HSN Moto G Pure deal
Activated 1 additional line with unlocked T-Mobile BYOP phone and Tracfone SIM kit. Used the T-Mobile compatible SIM.

Everything working OK.

On 9/12, merged one of the Moto G lines (Line #1) into the BYOP phone. Everything worked fine and the minutes/data/sms buckets all updated correctly.

On 9/13, tried to merge another Moto G line (Line #2) nto the BYOP. Things seemed to be going OK at first, but then I was informed that I needed to get a callback from the porting team. The person on that call said that my T-Mobile device had been permanently deactivated and they were not able to reactivate it. They then said I needed a new verizon-compatible device.

I nearly blew my lid. My T-mobile phone was a former flagship, and I didn't want to pay for any of the mediocre Android phones that TF was offering. Anyway, after ~30 minutes of going back and forth, the rep finally gave me a phone number to call so that I could escalate the issue.

I called the number and the tech support there was able to resurrect my T-mobile phone. The buckets were incorrect, but at least the phone was working again. Anyway, it took an hour of waiting and then another phone call to get the buckets correct. The data bucket was still short by 300 MB, but I can live with that as this is just a backup phone anyway.

This was way too much work and hassle for what should have been a fairly simple process. I was especially upset that TF did not give ANY warning that the T-mobile phone would be removed and effectively blacklisted. Apparently, any BYOP device needs to be CDMA-compatible to work with the Verizon SIMs. This, despite the fact that Verizon in phasing out CDMA. I will probably need to get a new phone at some point in the future, but TF is only offering a measly $50 discount for migrating to a compatible device.

Fortunately, this phone is only a backup for me in case my primary T-Mobile service was unavailable. Most likely I will only use a miniscule fraction of the buckets I have, but this leaves a very bad taste in my mouth for Tracfone.

Anyway, end of rant.

I am still attempting to merge the Line #2 into my BYOP, but the latest rep says it can't be done, even though it was perfectly doable yesterday. I'm not going to push my luck at the moment. I will try again in a day or two.